Laptops for Ukraine

Give your spare laptop, phone or tablet a new life in the hands of a Ukrainian healthcare worker, teacher, student. Ukrainian cultural institutions are also seeking the help of organisations and other EU institutions in preserving their collections at risk due to the war.

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About the initiative

Ukraine needs your help to stay connected

Since the start of the full scale Russian invasion, it has become increasingly difficult for the Ukrainian people to stay connected.

The war has had a devastating impact on Ukrainian infrastructure, and millions of people have been displaced, forcing their work, education and social lives online. It is estimated that 200,000 schoolchildren in the most affected regions are now learning remotely.

A severe shortage of electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones threatens to unplug the Ukrainian people from the internet.

At the same time, the greatest ever relocation of museum collections took place, counting over 300.000 evacuated objects, to protect Ukraine’s art from the war. Digital devices can help to keep track of evacuated Ukrainian cultural heritage, to preserve them, or to restore them if needed.

Let’s keep Ukraine connected.
Let’s collect #LaptopsforUkraine.

Odesa Fine Art Museum/OFAM, 24/02/2022 by Ivan Strahov.

Why are devices needed?


people are internally displaced, including up to 2.8 million children


children in Ukraine have had their education disrupted


education institutions damaged


damaged or destroyed buildings including 542 public hospitals and other healthcare institutions


museum objects of the State Museum Fund are currently recorded and kept only in paper form.

What devices are needed?




Specifically for cultural institutions (scanners, cameras, storage devices)

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Please, wipe your device of all personal information before donation

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the European Commission and DIGITALEUROPE do not take responsibility for any information that remains in the donated device.

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I’m an individual donor from a town or country where there is no collection point. How can I donate?

Currently there is no collection point in your city. Find your nearest collection point here. If you want to mail your donation from inside the EU, it is welcome, but we cannot refund your postal costs. In this case, please post it to our Brussels address:


Rue de la Science 37

1000 – Brussels


*Before proceeding to your donation, we invite you to consult our quality requirements here.

I’m from the UK/the US or another non-EU country. Can I donate?

Unfortunately the Laptops For Ukraine scheme is supported by the EU and we cannot yet organise deliveries from outside-EU countries. We do not recommend sending devices by post because of the high costs to you and because of customs issues.

We are currently looking into ways that people can make donations from outside-EU countries.

I’m a Ukrainian citizen and I need a laptop, where can I get one?

Thanks for your message. We are aware that many Ukrainian citizens need devices at this moment. It’s why we set up this campaign.

The priorities in terms of donations will be coordinated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Critical infrastructure such as hospitals and schools will be the first priority.

After the campaign, we will inform you on where the laptops were donated.

Can I donate materials other than computers/devices?

Yes, Ukraine needs all types of ICT equipment, from screens to chargers (see quality requirements here). Please don’t hesitate to donate this kind of equipment as well. Please contact us to see the full list of equipment needed.

What are the minimum requirements for devices?

It seems obvious, but the device(s) should be fully functional. For laptops, that also means a working battery, screen and keyboard/trackpad. For phones or other touch-screen devices, there should be a working battery and screen. All donated items must come with a functioning charger. Please note that any personal/sensitive information should be removed from your device before donating it.

For the complete list of quality requirements, please refer to this document.

Do you require any specific brand/OS devices?

For laptops, they can be Windows/Mac/Linux machines. For other devices, they can be Android/iOS operated devices.

Do I need to wipe the device before donating?

Yes, this is important: please remove any personal/sensitive information from your device before donating it *.

* The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, the European Commission and DIGITALEUROPE do not take responsibility for any information that remains in the donated device.

What happens to my device when it reaches Ukraine?

The device delivery will be coordinated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and distributed to where it is most needed. This could be a school, a hospital, a local administration, or an individual. This decision depends on the quality of the device and Ukraine’s most pressing needs.

Throughout the campaign we will regularly communicate on those that receive the devices.

I’ve lost the charger, is that a problem?

For quality reasons, we no longer accept devices without their corresponding charger. For further information on our quality requirements, we invite you to consult this document.

Will my donation be publicised?

Yes – if you agree to it. We are running a communications campaign and will publicise donors and donations regularly on the campaign website and on social media. You are also welcome to share your donation story on the EUTech4Ukraine Futurium community and on social media using #LaptopsforUkraine .

How will my device get to Ukraine?

Deliveries will be coordinated through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

We are an EU public administration, can we donate under this initiative?

Yes, this is possible. If the number of devices you wish to donate is below 50 , we invite you to bring your donation to one of the collection hubs set up for the initiative (consult the website for more precise information on the exact locations). Please note that collection hubs will accept donations only until 29 March 2024*.

If you want to donate more than 50 devices, you can contact the European Commission directly at For larger donations, the initiative will continueeven after March 2024.

*Before proceeding to your donation, we invite you to consult our quality requirements here.

Is money also accepted as a donation under this initiative?

This initiative only focuses on the donation of devices. If you wish to donate money to Ukraine, we invite you to go through the UNITED24 initiative. More information can be found here: UNITED 24

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